30 May

I’ve gone ONE ENTIRE WEEK without internet access.




Between organising all our stuff for the removalists last week, daily farewell lunches and dinners, preparing Hunter for our big move to Singapore, actually moving here, going out with Chris’ dad and brother for the past few days, and Hunter’s baptism, things have been HECTIC beyond belief! But now we’ve connected our new place to the internet and I am blissfully surfing the net again. Oh sweet, sweet internet.. how I have missed you!

So so so so much stuff to catch up on, and also so much stuff to do to settle into our new place in Singapore. At least our flight was non-eventful and THANK GOODNESS Hunter slept through and didn’t fuss. Suppose he was pretty exhausted with the previous week’s worth of us dragging him out all over town and so much activity whilst he packed out our lives. I get super irritated with screaming/crying babies on flights so I was very sensitive to the judgmental “oh crap they have a baby” eyes when people were boarding the plane and saw us (we were fortunate to get the 1st row with ample leg room and bassinet). But we were so relieved when he slept in the bassinet throughout, and then woke up when we landed. Good timing, he has :P

How to smuggle a baby

I was shocked to learn that SGD$1000 notes exist. And depressed that
SO much money was reduced to just one little slip of paper..

At Singapore airport, where Chris’ dad and brother came to meet us!
Our luggage was epic – 7 bags of check-in and hand carry

Feeling rather touristy and lost in Singapore, so we need all these survival guides

Chris’ dad and brother flew into Singapore the day before us, so they could see Hunter for the first time and also attend his Baptism. Hunter isn’t always too keen on men, and generally doesn’t like to be cuddled by them. So it was with some surprise and great relief that he took happily to both of them immediately! He was gurgling and very pleased, like he’d known them his whole life :)

HULLO Grandpa!!!

HULLO Uncle Matt!!!

Cuddled up and fell asleep on Grandpa

We arrived to a TON of presents, toys and books for Hunter. He is a very blessed little boy! I think he’ll be getting a bit of sensory overload with all the stuff he’s got, hehe. I’m going to space it all out and he’ll get one toy at a time so he doesn’t get overwhelmed. At the moment he likes grabbing and gripping his toys, then exploring them with his mouth. There is drool…. everywhere.

Some of the toys, the other stuff not pictured cos too lazy to take pics..

His current obsession – IPAD.

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