16 May

A lovely girl friend opened her home and hosted a 12-person (plus 2 babies) farewell party for Chris, Hunter and I over the weekend. I was in a bit of denial the whole time, because it feels so strange that we’re actually saying ‘goodbye’ to some dear friends that we’ve met, shopped, partied and eaten with over the past 2 years in Shanghai. Farewells are just depressing, and it feels like we have them so often!! I think I’ve had about 5 farewells in my life, every time I moved countries. Sigh.

What I loved about the party was that everyone brought some food.. and it all turned out perfect. Delicious food that was all homemade, which really impressed me :) We did Triple chocolate fudge cookies that I mixed together at home, then baked it there (so it would be super fresh). I love the smell of cookies baking in the oven, especially when they’re triple chocolate, mmmmm…..

Being at my friend’s place also meant we could kick back and relax and chat… for over 7 hours!! It was a lovely way to spend a weekend lunch and was so bittersweet. We will really miss our friends here :(


‘Lil bear

Raw veggies. Words fail me.

Homemade cous cous, this was divine!

Homemade mushroom quiche, soooo creamy

Homemade chilli and cheese, OMG OMG OMG…

Homemade corn bread, which I went wild chowing down on

Homemade (haha, just kidding!) fruit. So colourful!

Our custom-made cupcakes bearing our initials :D

Father and son

Hunter playing with my girl friend (he loves charming the ladies!)

The triple-chocolate fudge cookies I made :)~

My freshly baked cookies!

Mmm.. moist goodness

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