13 May

After almost 2.5 years in Shanghai, we bid goodbye and leave for the sunny shores of Singapore…. in exactly 2 weeks from today.

Chris’ company is transferring him over, and this time, it’s my turn to be the “trailing spouse” :) This month has been a crazy flurry of organising the move and sorting out all our stuff. Quite a headache, especially since we have a baby to consider as well! We will be bringing a ton of stuff on the plane, since our shipment arrives a few weeks later. It’ll be a real headache… which is why we decided to fly Dad up to Shanghai next week to 1) help babysit Hunter so I can focus on organising/packing our entire lives up, and 2) help at the airport and on the plane, since we’ll have a ton of stuff.

But we’re excited about the move!! No more worrying about fake eggs, fake pork, fake buns, fake beef, fake black sesame seeds, painted cucumbers, sugar-injected strawberries, re-used dirty cooking oil, un-drinkable tap water, etc, etc!! We say helllloooooo to super-clean living, law and order, and (relatively) more polite people on the streets. YEEHA!!!

On the downside, we also say goodbye to our wonderful housekeeper, my beloved tailor, our driver, and super-easy online shopping thanks to Taobao. WAAAHH!!! I will miss all that very very dearly :(

But, it’ll be an exciting adventure as Chris and I have never lived in Singapore together before.. so we have much to discover together. I am quivering at all the shopping I can do there, and of course, the fantastic food that we can treat ourselves to :)~

And so, just like that, we close (yet another) chapter of our lives and move countries again. Onward ho to Singapore in 2 weeks time. BRING IT ON!

About to take Singapore over, one restaurant at a time ;)

(Photo from Hunter’s 3-month photoshoot.
Look closely and you’ll see him giving you the middle finger, LOL)

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