09 May

My first Mother’s Day started off with a deliciously long sleep stretch from Hunter.. followed by a feed.. followed by him sleeping in ’til 9AM (very rare). Oh, the luxury! Why can’t he do this every night ;) Woke up after that to a beautiful bunch of fragrant flowers from Chris. What was impressive was not the flowers, but the fact that he’d gone to the florist a week earlier and picked out the flowers AND arranged for them to be delivered…. all in Mandarin :P How ironic that just when our Mandarin is really shaping up, we leave for Singapore!

Yay for Mother’s Day!
(His onesie says “I LOVE MUMMY”. He picked it himself, I swear!)

We then headed out to Kommune, an Australian cafe that we love. They do fab food and a killer (giant sized) coffee. We scored an outdoor table but boy the weather in Shanghai has skipped into summer with a vengeance! It was sweltering at 32 celcius and high humidity – eek. Indulged in a yummy Big Breakfast and relaxed with a bowl (!) of coffee, before we pottered around the area. Hunter spent the entire time sleeping, which was also a nice Mother’s Day present as we could enjoy our couple-time, heh!


Giant coffee is bigger than baby’s head ;)

Conked out

Big Breakfast and toasted banana bread

I’M A MUM!!! :D

Learning to sit up at home – he can hold his head up fine,
but his back still needs to be propped up/supported.

Checking out his toes

Having a good ‘ol chew

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mums out there, and most of all, my own Mum. Now that I join the ranks of Motherhood, I realise how difficult and harrowing it can be, and how heartwarming and wonderful it can be too. Hope all of you have a fab day.

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