07 May

For Hunter’s 3rd month, we went on another baby photoshoot . It made me wish (yet again) that I had a full on professional DSLR camera and a lovely studio and backdrops! Then again, I’ll also bore everyone silly with even MORE photos of Hunter and our lil family ;) Still, it really made me envy all the equipment there.. they make it look so easy. We were fortunate that Hunter was in a sunny mood for the shoot, because it’s usually so dangerous when doing photoshoots with babies – if they’re in a bad mood, it’s all over! It is seriously stressful and we spent the majority of the shoot jumping around like we had a carrot up our bum in order to amuse him to make him laugh. Oh well, whatever it takes, eh? ;)

The prints all come back in about 2 weeks… and we also get a large album, 2 mini albums (will be going to our parents as gifts), a panoramic photoseries, and a large canvas for our wall. We’re combining the previous photoshoot we did of Hunter at 2 weeks old with these new ones, so it’ll be fun to see how much he’s grown since. I can’t wait to see it all!


“Who woke me up?” >_<


The man of the moment

Sneak peek :D

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