30 Apr

I always secretly thought that God knew I had a pretty short fuse when it came to babies crying (couldn’t stand hearing it pre-baby!)… so he was kind and gave me a baby that was very placid and happy, and barely fussed/cried. Starting from a very young age, I’d just pop him in his stroller and go out for lunches and coffees with girl friends. All the time. It was no issue, he would always just sleep or watch us quietly, and everyone would comment, “Oh! What a easy going baby. I can’t believe he doesn’t cry!” and I would think “Why do women get all nervous when bringing their newborns out? It’s not that hard?”

And this was the case… until Hunter turned 3 months old. I always read that at 3 months, “things get better”. And I used to wonder what that meant, as I had no issues with Hunter and everything was trucking along breezily. Well, I think Hunter is topsy-turvy or something… because at 3 months old, MONSTER BABY arrived.

For some inexplicable reason, he suddenly decided “Hey! Sleep is for losers. I refuse to sleep.”

He went from sleeping for 6-8 hour stretches at night and going down for his daytime naps with little fuss………… to waking up fussing every hour and crying (loudly) to be fed every 2nd hour at night. And fighting and crying when it was time for daytime naps. OMG. And do you know how long that’s gone on for? 7 WHOLE DAYS!!!!

Unfortunately for me, I become a raging lunatic when I don’t get enough sleep, and I was in disbelief that after 3 easy months, Hunter NOW decides to make me sleep deprived. Thankfully, Chris is my pillar of support, ever patient and ever soothing. Especially when I’m threatening to chuck Hunter out the window (oops). Seriously, my brain just gets all muddled up when I don’t get my wonderful sleep and I get woken up by a crying baby – a mix of heartache listening to his wails and annoyance over the annoying-ness of it.

Then, suddenly, last night he had minimal fussing and clocked in 4-hour stretches of sleep. Nowhere near what he was like before, but a ton better than his ridiculous 1-hour wakeups. I don’t know if this is the end, but I doubt it because 7 nights of disaster has really taken it out of me. It’s soul destroying, I tell ya. I am just not built to handle a fussy baby and don’t know what to do.

What happened to my baby? Who replaced him with this strange, crying bub? And WHAT IS GOING ON???? And why all perfect until the 3 month mark?? Me no understand.

PS. I have also come to the conclusion that mothers out there with babies that cry for days/weeks/months on end are superhuman, and deserve some sort of medal.


Hunter watching himself in the mirror (looking much cheerier in the morning)

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