27 Apr

It’s been a month of big change for us. But one major, sad, change is the re-homing of Star.

Since Hunter was born, we’ve had much less time to let her out to play and dance around the place. It was really unfair to her as we felt she didn’t get all the attention she deserved, not to mention we plan to move to Singapore and they don’t allow the import of ferrets (ugh).

We were really fortunate and found a wonderful French family that were happy to adopt her, and it was such a delight to see Star running around eagerly in their place – she acted like she was right at home instead of appearing uncertain or hyper. She pretty much has free run of their whole place, so I know she’s delighted about that! We’ll miss her so so so so much (already do!) but we’re so relieved that when we leave Shanghai, at least we know Star is happy and safe.

And so, our chapter of having ferrets is over. We’ve had a brilliant few years with Misty and Star. They make wonderful pets and we’ll always remember our 2 adorable little girls :)

Star with her new little friend. Goodbye, my darling ‘lil girl!

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