14 Apr

For Hunter’s 11 week birthday, he celebrated by learning something new: rolling over from tummy to back! It happened in the morning, when we were doing our usual morning cuddle and song time in bed. I popped him on his belly to do “tummy time” and before I knew it, he’d flipped himself over. I couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe either – he looked up at the ceiling, a bit shocked, LOL! Wasn’t sure if it was a fluke or not, so I rolled him back on his tummy…. and he did it another 4 times! He got lots of happy gurgles out after accomplishing each flip, but by the 5th time he was tired and bored and then refused to move any more ;)

I told Chris later and when Chris put him on his tummy in his play gym, he flipped over again, just to prove to Dad that he really could do it, LOL!

It was a really lovely (and memorable) way to celebrate him turning 11 weeks old :)

“Muuuumm, no photos! I’VE GOT NO PANTS ON!!”

So we start lying on the tummy…

Tuck the head down, get one arm under the chest…

Push with the other arm for leverage..

And KICK!!

Rolling backwards


Looking eagerly at me for encouragement and congratulations ;)

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