13 Apr

Our friend’s daughter’s school was hosting a International Family Food Festival on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, so we all trooped on over to check it out. Let me just say, these International Schools sure do things in style!! To me, a food festival held by a school means a few little stands with some snacks, and kids running everywhere. But nope, this was HUGE event with bouncy castles, rodeo bull riding, face painting, etc, etc.

And the food – OH MY. Because it’s an international school, each country grouped together and had a stall selling their country’s yummiest food. I was impressed with how authentic the food was, and the really reasonable prices. Best of all, all the profits went to charity! Such a breath of fresh air compared to the many overpriced food festivals with zero money going to charity.

We ate, and ate, and ate. I simply COULD NOT take photos of all the food we ate.. because of the variety we bought and also because I was far more interested in stuffing it all into my mouth ;) We had a grand ‘ol time soaking in the warm sun and chilling out, enjoying a lazy Sunday out. It was lovely for Hunter to be outdoors too, though he spent most of the time snoozing in his Bugaboo, lol!

Us enjoying the terrific weather

Lots of open space for the kids to run around in

Just one of the areas of the festival, it was BIG!

We bought lots of goodies from the Australian stall :P

And of course, Chris couldn’t resist buying a pavlova!

Polish food!! My first time. Pork schnitzel with dumpings & bacon. Yum.

Malaysian nasi lemak. ZOMG this was fab. Nearly fainted.

German donuts! Tres yummy. Also liked the alcohol-free beer… tasty.

Hunter all snuggled up

Basking in the sunshine

Completely random, but back home doing tummy-time

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