12 Apr

Ever since he was born, Hunter has had very distinct moods between morning and evenings. His prime time is, by far, mornings. Our routine is that at 8AM, we draw back the curtains so sunlight streams in, and un-swaddle him and brightly say “Good Morning Hunter!”. He’s always up before 8AM already and waiting for us, so once he’s un-swaddled, he streeeeetches his ‘lil arms up and immediately greets us with a big happy *grin* and lots of excited gurgles.

We then lift him out of his cot and he gets lots of cuddles and attention on the big bed. It’s his early session of delighted gurgles, coos, lots of delighted grins and laughter. Very cute, as he practically bubbles over with delight! We sing to him, talk to him, and he is completely in his element. There is not one frown, not one bit of fussiness the entire morning, and it’s been that way since the day he was born. I’m thinking we have one helluva morning lark on our hands :P

So here he is at 9 weeks old (last week), in the morning, getting lots of cuddles :)

“You’re my superman”!


Laughs and giggles with Daddy

Song time

Hanging out, rather pleased with all the attention

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