09 Apr

Tables @ Ritz Carlton
Shanghai Centre
1376 Nanjing West Road
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元

The Ritz Carlton in Shanghai flew in William Wongso, a chef famous for his modern Indonesian cuisine, as well as a team of Indonesian chefs this week, and were offering a fabulous Indonesian buffet at their restaurant. I was pretty ecstatic when I found out, as I love Indonesian food and what better way than to have it all-you-can-eat?! And so 8 of us decided to hit it up for lunch on Monday, which was a public holiday.

The service was impeccable. Friendly, so efficient, and they even gave us a lovely corner table. I was impressed with the selection and spread of the buffet. Lovely presentation, a huge variety, and quality ingredients. It wasn’t just Indonesian food though, they also offered other dishes such as sashimi and oysters, Western cakes, etc. That suited me just fine, I like the variety!

The Indonesian food was done really well. By far and away, the Beef Rendang was the best. It was meltingly tender, packed a real punch of flavour, and we went back for seconds and thirds ;) The most disappointing for me was the Laksa, which I found was not spicy at all, and had some random ingredients in it that I never knew existed in a laksa. Then again, I have never had a laksa in Indonesia and was comparing it to Singapore laksa.

I especially loved the Dessert spread. Tiny little desserts and a LOT of variety make me very happy indeed ;) We ate ’til we could eat no more, but sadly I couldn’t eat as much as I normally do because I spent most of my time carrying Hunter (who decided to be oddly fussy that day). Which meant that I had to eat at a much slower rate, which meant my stomach filled up and I couldn’t eat at my normal rate :( The secret to buffets is that you eat really quickly so you can get in as much food as possible before you feel full! Still, I did get in 4 plates/bowls of mains, 2 serves of sashimi and oysters, and 10 of the lil desserts. So not too bad :P

William Wongso at the helm of Ritz Carlton’s indonesian buffet

Hunter chilling out (before he got mad fussy and insisted on being carried)

Fresh prawns, crabs, mussels and oysters

A spread of cheeses and breads. Who bothers to eat bread at a buffet?!

Sashimi and salad (LOL) stations

Noodle station

My bowl of laksa, which I found so-so

One of my plates of food. I loved EVERYTHING on it!!

A serve of sashimi and chicken satay. That sashimi was divine.

Just another random plate of (huge) oysters, tender lamb chops, and
super delicious beef rendang and fried rice.

My 10 lil desserts split over both plates. In my belly they went. I liked them ALLLLL!!!

Capping it all off with cute ‘lil ice creams

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