04 Apr

The other day, we received a wonderful surprise gift in the mail from my wonderful cousin ameelia and friend budding_corsage. The package included 2 onesies from Pixie Threads – a store where you can personalise your own baby clothes! I *squealed* when I saw them, and Chris’ face lit up (note: hard to do as usually he doesn’t go gaga over ‘cutesy’ stuff). Here’s the reason why:

Personalised onesies from Pixie Threads

Did their designs make you go “AWWWW!” too? :P What I love is that the quality of the onesie is fantastic (ie. the dark blue Hunter one is from Old Navy) – they’re really soft and well-made. And of course, the adorable designs. I can’t decide which one I like more???? The ‘Hunter’ tie dark-blue onesie looks ever so dashing, I am a total convert to dark coloured baby clothes now, they just look more unique than the constant barrage of light pastels you see. And the ‘Milk Monster’ white onesie is SO incredibly apt it made us *LOL*.

Awesome, and very thoughtful gifts. We love em. Thank you girls!!

Tres chic? ;)

A video of Hunter in his new onesie (though covered up by his sleep-sack and bib!)…
gurling away whilst Chris and I talk to him.

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