29 Mar

Happy 2 month Birthday, Hunter!

Oh how time flies…. it’s been 2 months since I gave birth?! Hunter has changed so much in just the past 4-5 weeks since my last Notes update. He’s really becoming a little boy now, with his own personality and desires. It’s absolutely incredible seeing a baby grow, especially in the first few months when development is so rapid it’s quite astonishing. We love having him :)


  1. Does mini-pushups during tummy time – just 2 weeks ago when we started tummy time, Hunter would scowl and fuss. Now, he’s perfectly fine being on his belly and lifts up his shoulders and head. It’s freakin’ cute, especially when we put a mirror in front of him – he loves looking and smiling and cooing at himself, the vain-pot!!
  2. Doing tummy time

  3. Discovered his hands and grasps/bats objects – about 3 weeks ago, Hunter suddenly realised he has hands! Since then, his favourite activity is to grasp his hands together (like he’s praying, LOL) and he wrings them together frantically if he’s feeling upset. He also loves to STUFF his fists or thumb into his mouth to suck, as he’s also drooling like crazy since the past week, argh!! And if he manages to get a hold of his burp cloth, bib, etc, it immediately gets stuffed into his mouth for a good ‘ol chew as well. He’s also taken a liking to batting at the hanging toys in his play gym to make them move and rattle, but unable to grasp/hold them yet.
  4. Talks to us and laughs – Hunter loves attention ;) He’s in his element when he has face-time with either of us, or any one that pays him attention to be honest! He’ll watch them and smile and coo. We coo back, and he coos again in return.. it’s like a coo-conversation in baby language! In the past few days, he’s also learning to laugh. A baby belly laugh is hilarious to watch!!!!
  5. Generating a baby belly laugh

  6. Self-soothes and clocks in about 5-7 hour stretches of sleep at night – Thank goodness for this! But since there’s no such thing as a proper routine/schedule at this age, I expect it to change from day to day. The fortunate thing is that during the day and night, he’s able to self-soothe and settle himself to sleep – a HUGE benefit for Chris and I so we don’t have to carry/be with him 24/7. It’s really funny watching him put himself to sleep – the heavy eyelids that go *blink blink* and drooping more and more, the yawn, and then the big siiiggghhh as he falls asleep. During the day, we do carry him so he falls asleep (he’s usually so zonked he goes down within 1 minute) then we transfer him to his rocker, and if he then wakes he can fall asleep again by himself *whew*. After his nighttime feeds, I just pop him immediately back in his crib and he falls asleep by himself because he’s so sleepy *double whew*. The only problem is his incredible gas issues. He GRUNTS like a trucker and scrabbles around frantically every night between 5-7AM, so loudly that it wakes me up even though he’s asleep himself – arghhh. Started giving him ‘gripe water’ at night and suddenly he seems heaps better, so we’ll see if that keeps up.
  7. Exclusively breastfeeding – We’ve come a full circle and now I’m back to breastfeeding directly (ie. not pumping into bottles). I NEVER thought I would EVER say this… but breastfeeding is easy and painless! OMG!!!! Can you believe I can actually say this sentence, especially when I was in tears and agony mere weeks ago? Unbelievably, my body has learned and it doesn’t hurt at all, and I’m now part of the glorious group of women that can whack their baby onto the breast and feed them anywhere, anytime. I am so so so grateful this is now possible that it makes me feel all teary when I think about it. I still have a ridiculously massive over-production of milk, so hoping that will settle in the next few weeks. He is so bizzarely efficient at breastfeeding he takes just 5 minutes (!!!!) at each feed – and only at one breast per feed (I assume because there’s so much milk) which he completely drains within that 5 mins. Glorious for me (especially at night time) but I was worried he wasn’t getting enough.. but turns out it’s definitely not the case due to the next point…
  8. 95th percentile Height, 95th percentile Weight – Clocking in on the high end during his doc checkups, at 60-something cm height (forgot the exact number!) and over 6KG weight. The height is a good thing, but I’m iffy about the weight. But the doctor insists it’s not an issue until past 2 years old, and it’s impossible for a directly breastfed baby to be ‘overweight’.. so I’m trying to stress less. He eats like a mofo!!! Very very greedy ‘lil boy…
  9. Back to pre-pregnancy weight, and pre-pregnancy skinny jeans – OK this is about me :P I actually fit back into my skinny jeans.. which is a source of endless glee and fascination for me :P Hey, I’m only human! I’m back to my original weight but my body looks different, which is why it’s quite strange. I’ve gone up 3 cup sizes (!) and still have a potty belly, so have no idea how I’m back to my original weight. Oh well, not gonna complain!
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