28 Mar

We celebrated Chris’ 30th birthday, Hunter’s 2-month birthday, and a guy friend’s 27th birthday… all wrapped up into one! The place of choice was Ohama, a new restaurant serving Japanese food a la Izakaya-style. It’s opened the famous chef Willy Trullas (of El Willy restaurant) and we were lucky to be the first diners to check out their Brunch options on their first day.

Things were already looking very promising even before the event. My inquiries (phone and email) were swiftly responded too, and everything we wanted was accommodated pleasantly and easily – typical Japanese customer service :) It was such a delight! We had a party of 14 people and it really is no mean feat to cater for a large group when you’re serving beautifully-decorated Japanese food, not to mention on your first Brunch day.

Ohana is very uniquely decorated. It’s largely like a Japanese dining room, and we were seated in the recessed table area. Lots of smooth wood panels and open space, but with a cosy and familiar twist thanks to the array of little toys and paraphernalia scattered around. Service was very attentive and fluent in English, which was fantastic. All of us opted for the 120元 brunch menu which was a really good deal, considering the assortment (and presentation!) of food and the quality of the ingredients.

I wish Ohana was much closer to where we live (it’s out in the Hongqiao area) so we can go there frequently. Lovely restaurant, fab service, and excellent food. Thanks Ohana for a great birthday celebration!

Heading upstairs into Ohana

Our lil family

The boys checking out Hunter

Me and my baby boy!

Chris has a cuddle

Sleepy baby.. only for a bit though, before he woke up crying!

My 4 drinks – champagne, coke, oolong tea, sake. Weird combination :P

Steak tartar – just WOW. Love the combination of flavours in the raw steak,
and the side of seaweed was so fresh and crisp!

Patatas bravas with bonito – delicious, creamy, and worth every calorie ;)

Tempura calamari – light and flavourful, but nothing outright spectacular

Appetizer trio of chilled tofu, seaweed, pumpkin – never thought I’d like these
ingredients, but each one tasted delicate and fantastic

Deep fried lotus root cake – so unusual, people either liked or disliked it.
I liked it, but it’s best in a small canape portion like what they did

Sushi rice topped with tuna and white fish sashimi – how PRETTY is this?!?!? OMG.

Deep fried pork cutlet – I loved this, so crisp and all lean meat

Grilled codfish in miso paste – delicious flavour, we wanted a bigger portion!

Black sesame mochi balls with vanilla ice cream – the BEST dish of the meal!!
Creamy, sticky, rich, sweet… just outstanding. I’d go back for this alone :)~

Our lovely gf that organised these custom-made birthday cupcakes!

Starwars cupcake and Computer cupcake… for the 2 geeky birthday boys!

Boys and their cupcakes, in flavours Red Velvet (my fave), Chocolate, Carrot Cake

The boys lusting over my gift to Chris for his 30th birthday… will do a proper post on that later :)

Chris said “Make like that figurine!” (on the table next to me).
And I actually did. LMAO!! Oh dear.

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