22 Mar

Hunter is 8 weeks old today. How time flies! This week is going to be a bit of a milestone for me, because Chris has his team visiting him in Shanghai and so will be out late on Tues, Wed, Thurs nights with them – leaving me A-L-O-N-E to look after Hunter during the whole day, and also handling his bath time and putting him to sleep at night. I’m going to find out what being a single mother would be like :P I don’t think it’d be that awful… I figure the 2 worst things that could happen is:

1) Hunter cries incessantly – unlikely since he doesn’t cry often. He does fuss from time to time, but it’s always either because of hunger, dirty diaper, or tired. Once that need is sated, he stops. Thank goodness!

2) Sleep deprivation – every day at around 6AM, I pass Hunter to Chris who looks after him so I can have uninterrupted sleep. But since Chris will be coming home super-late this week, he’ll need maximum sleep so I’ll have to handle early mornings as well. Which means it’s pretty much guaranteed I’ll be a sleepy zombie all this week. D’oh!

Well……. I suppose I’ll just have to hang in there, because on Friday this week (March 25), we celebrate something very special. Actually TWO things very special – Chris’ 30th birthday, and Hunter’s 2 month birthday!! Yep, they fall on the exact same day :)

Our ‘lil 8 week old

His eyelashes are (finally) growing!

Hunter enjoying his pre-bath massage (uh, ignore the mess!)

Looking rather shell-shocked during bath time

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