15 Mar

Poor Hunter had to have 3 (!!) injections yesterday at the doctor’s.. for his scheduled vaccinations. Thankfully, he took ’em like champion! His face did turn purple (lol) and he let out a YELL when the needles went in, but it lasted 2 seconds and then he fell asleep immediately afterwards – very strange. Often babies will develop fevers or unusually long crying bouts for 24 hours but he didn’t, WHEWWWWW. Though, he was rather grunty last night – not sure if it was gas or aftereffects of the vaccinations.

He clocks in at 6KG at 6 weeks. Still on the 95th percentile for Weight… and Height is at 90th percentile. Yikes! But doctor said that it’s not a cause of concern unless he’s overweight after 2 years old. So I guess we will wait til then and see…

We bought the ERGObaby carrier and cannot recommend it enough. It’s apparently better than the Baby Bjorn (something about those holding the baby by the crotch that’s bad) and we heard really good reviews, which was why we got it.So far, each time we stuff Hunter into it, he zonks out into this really zen mode, or just conks out completely and falls asleep. Perhaps he likes being held really close and tightly bundled in? Anyway, if you have a fussy baby or you just want your baby to chill for a bit and calm down, I HIGHLY recommend this – it works a charm each time and is so easy to use.

Hunter in his ERGObaby carrier

We’ve also been doing some tummy time… errr… whenever we remember to, that is ;) He’s not a fan of being on his belly though, and more often than now * squawks* in protest! When we hold him upright/semi-upright, he can hold his head up by himself very steadily for quite awhile. But when doing his tummy time, he can lift himself waaay off (ie. pushing up on his arms) for maybe 5-10 seconds, and then afterwards he spends the rest of the time grunting and mashing his face into the mat, and only lifting up his head a wee bit. Babies are meant to clock in around 20 mins of tummy time a day.. guess we better get on it!

Hunter doing tummy time – this is after quite a few mins, so he’s grumpy and can only raise it a wee bit ;)

After Hunter has his bath, I do a belly rub on him.. massaging in oil that is supposed to help relieve gas, though I don’t think it works very well because he still gets grunty in the wee hours of the morning! He does enjoy his belly rub though.. and looked quite cute all wide-eyed and cooing, so I thought I’d take a video of it :)

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