12 Mar

Scena @ The Ritz Carlton
52/F, 8 Shiji Da Dao (世纪大道8号52楼)
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元元

Mum and Dad left earlier this week.. after almost 2 months of staying with us in Shanghai! It’s the longest they’ve ever stayed over, but yet time seemed to fly past. So gone now are the days where I can pass Hunter over to Dad at 7AM and get an extra 2 hours sleep (meaning I now clock in about 6-7 hours instead of 8-9 hours sleep at night), and gone are the days where I have breakfast, lunch and dinner waiting for me on the table as well as yummy soups to slurp down. Not to mention all our free time bumming around whilst Mum and Dad cuddle Hunter and having them do daily runs to pick up groceries, supplies, etc, etc, etc. D’oh! But then, it also feels so exciting being our own proper lil family. I guess it’s the real test now on whether we’ll survive, hehe. So far, so good! *whew*

We hit the Ritz Carlton hotel for a lazy lunch on the last day Mum and Dad were here.. We were last there for my birthday lunch and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, so thought it would be a great place to revisit. It didn’t disappoint. We got the main course + dessert buffet option, of course! A whole spread of delectable sweets and such – how could I resist ;) The fab thing about the dessert buffet is that they have high quality stuff – fine desserts and beautifully presented.

Delicious food, lovely relaxed atmosphere, and impeccable service. Well worth it :)


With Hunter tucked away in the Bugaboo


Big loaf of bread with roasted garlic and tomato chutney

Roasted pork belly, sauteed spinach, wild mushrooms, caramelized onion mashed potatoes

Linguini pasta with pesto and smoked salmon

Roasted salmon, artichokes, confit baby potatoes, tomatoes, fennel salsa

Pumpkin risotto, asparagus and sauteed prawns

My dessert platter round #1

My 2nd round…

My 3rd round…

My 4th round… teehee!!!

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