09 Mar

GAP opened a few months ago in Shanghai, co-incidentally within walking distance of where we live. Mum and Dad were there the other day and spotted a I love Daddy onesie and bought it for Hunter. It came in black which I thought looked very cool, since baby clothes are almost never black! He looks all badass in it :P Then when I was there a few days ago, I saw the I love Mummy onesie. WELL THEN!! As if I could walk away from that :P This one is an angelic white and I personally think he looks ultra adorable in it. The question is: which onesie does he prefer? ;)

Like Hunter’s onesie? :P

It says “I love Mommy”. Teehee..

With his “I love Daddy” onsie, to be fair ;)

We’ve also been going out quite a bit with Hunter, as the weather is rapidly warming up in Shanghai. There’s still a chill in the air though, so we bundle up right up before heading out. Super impressed with the Bugaboo Bee+ stroller – it’s freakin’ fantastic! It’s more expensive than most other regular strollers, but I do honestly reckon it’s worth the price. It pushes ultra smoothly, folds up easily, maneuvers well, and Hunter really likes it (he always falls asleep in it). Plus, I love the bright yellow canopy – very useful for Shanghai’s crazy traffic (people just swerve and drive willy nilly, without looking).

Bundled up to the eyeballs before heading out


Me and mah Bugaboo Bee+

A docile sleeping baby whilst we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant

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