03 Mar

I forgot to actually put a proper blog entry on Hunter’s first swim.. got too excited and posted the video with no explanation :P

Anyway, Club Baby is this swimming place for infants. Newborns take very well to water because apparently it reminds them of still being in the womb. I suppose it also gets them used to the experience of swimming so that later, they don’t fear water/pools.

We decided to try it out and were impressed with the way Club Baby is set up. They use fresh, filtered water that’s changed for each baby, and the tubs are all lined in disposable liners. They have registered nurses working there who also do a once-over of your baby’s health. It’s a lovely, warm environment with very caring nurses.. and we felt comfortable putting Hunter in their hands.

Hunter took to it very well! After a quick check by the nurse, he had a soothing baby massage and then was place into his tub. He had a bit of a “WHAT THE…” expression at the start, but then figured out the whole kicking part so he could paddle around in the water. So. Freaking. Adorable. Afterwards, he was given a bath and then swaddled in a warm towel to try off.

If you have/are having an infant, I totally recommend this! I think it’s a good experience for babies and gives them a chance to exercise as well. Plus, it totally wipes ’em out so they sleep for HOURS afterwards.. which meant we could go out for lunch and wander around and he was zonked for the entire afternoon.

Here Hunter is at 4.5 weeks.. during his first swim!

At Club Baby, the swimming place for infants!

Getting a baby massage to kick things off

In ya go!

“What the….”

Big boy had to go straight to a Medium size floatie…. LOL

Looking at mummy waving the blue ball

Hanging out ;)

Baby bum! Eeeeeeee!

Big eyed moment

Getting all snuggled up afterwards

Taking a walk

All tuckered out at home

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