01 Mar

For Hunter’s 1-month birthday, I decided to bake a Oreo Cheesecake to celebrate. I hadn’t made one in ages and was hankering for one because they are almost impossible to buy here in Shanghai. I used this recipe and it turned out well! Very dense and rich… a bit of a dieter’s nightmare ;)

Homemade Oreo Cheesecake


Wine from Hunter Valley to celebrate Hunter’s 1-month. Heh.

Movie of me rambling away after Hunter’s first bath

Movie of Hunter’s first swim at 4.5 weeks – his bewildered expression is freakin’ hilarious!!!
He now clocks in at 5.23kg (11.5lbs).

You Are a Chocolate Milkshake

You are fair, principled, and very tolerant. You have a strong personality, but others still appreciate you.
You know your own tastes and values. You couldn’t be someone else even if you tried!

You are intensely passionate, especially about causes and people you believe in. You are very idealistic.
You try to live your life with a higher purpose. You want every one of your days to mean something.

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