24 Feb

We did a photoshoot when Hunter was 1 week 6 days old (about 2 weeks ago). Apparently babies photograph best within their first two weeks of birth, because it’s when they’re a lot more docile and sleep most of the time. Well, that’s the idea ;) In reality, the kerfuffle and shifting him this way and that kept him awake and pretty fussy.. so I had to keep breastfeeding him every 15 mins or so to calm him down! But it all worked out and we got some pretty nice photos.

Anyway, here are some behind-the-scenes shots that we took. Sometimes I reckon behind-the-scenes stuff is more interesting… has more character IMHO!

The only photo you’ll see of me breastfeeding, LOL. Nah, I posted
this because I reckon Chris looks rather delicious here :P

Me still with a bit of a booty. That pesky last 2-3KG will take awhile to lose, unfortunately!

Hunter, the center of attention ;)

Being posed here and there

My parents with Hunter

Chris helping to hold up the backdrop

All tuckered out on the way home

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