22 Feb

Our lil Aussie!

Week 4 notes

  1. 5KG weight (90th percentile)
  2. 57cm length (95th percentile)
  3. can “coo” and “ahhhh”
  4. discovered fingers
  5. can lift and turn his head
  6. established feeding, finally!

Hunter had his first pediatrician’s appointment this week, at 4 weeks old. All went well, and he’s developing at a steady rate. A bit on the high end though – he now weighs 5KG which places him at the 90th percentile (!) and is a l-o-n-g 57cm, at the 95th percentile (!!!!!!). Cripes. He’s outgrown almost all his 0-3 month baby clothes now, so we have to start buying 3-6 month old clothes…… and he’s only 1 month old :X But he doesn’t appear to be overweight so I suppose all’s fine.

This week, he clearly “coos” and “ahhhhs!”, which is indescribably adorable to witness.. and smiles when you interact with him. It makes it all worth it and so rewarding! I never realised how amazing it is to hear baby noises before I was pregnant, and now everything he spouts out delights me to no end. What a crazy mother I have become :P

Hunter’s also realised he has fingers, LOL. He waves his hands around and looks at them, and then stuffs his fingers in his mouth. And when he does “tummy time”, he can lift and turn his head from one side to another. It requires a great deal of grunting and effort for him, but he can do it a couple of times in a row whilst on his tummy. Cute!

And finally….. breastfeeding. Yep, writing about it, again! I totally envy women that just whack their baby on the breast and away they go. I thought this was the norm, and I’ve since realised breastfeeding is difficult. Really, really difficult. My Hyperlactation is COMPLETELY INSANE. It’s kicked into even higher gear this week and I practically BLOW HUNTER ACROSS THE ROOM when he tries to feed, due to the force of my let-down. I keep trying each day, and it’s the same – the force of the milk makes him choke and splutter, not to mention milk actually PROJECTILE SPRAYS OUT. Plus, I drip almost constantly and am just one big sack of milk, basically. It’s unbelievable. Where does all this milk come from?!!?

I now Pump/express most of the time and then feed him from a bottle. Now, I pump out almost 300ml (10oz) of milk, per session!! In around 10 minutes! Gah! The difference between straight breastfeeding and pumping milk is remarkable – he’s a lot less gassy and fussy and I can still breastfeed if it’s soon after a pumping session (so there’s less milk as it’s already been pumped out). But now, I keep having to pump every few hours, otherwise I get extremely irritable because of all the discomfort and full-ness. I’ve been boring Chris and my parents to tears with my constant whining from the full-ness (it hurts!), but there’s no real ‘cure’ for milk over-supply :( I’m at my wits end because it’s always MILK MILK MILK, all the time, everywhere! And all I can do is hope and pray that soon, the over-supply dies down and my milk evens out.. because I can’t really deal with this. I even dream about milk every single night – with the most common dream being me swimming in a swimming pool filled with milk. ARGH!

He turns 1 month old on Friday the 25th! We’re going out for a nice lunch to celebrate :)

Little snow angel, about to head out for his first doctor’s appointment

At the doctors

Big cuddles after his injection

Lifting and turning his head during ‘tummy time’

He gets fascinated with just about everything in the house!
Here he is amazed at an ornament Chris bought whilst visiting his Dad in India.

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