15 Feb

My first Expressed Breastmilk bottle for Hunter

Week 3 notes

  1. started expressing breastmilk due to Hyperlactation
  2. steady gaze
  3. lost 13KG, 3-4KG to go!

I’m exclusively breastfeeding now, but sometime mid-week, Hunter suddenly started acting really grunty/fussy, especially during the night. It was driving me crazy because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong! Finally, I stumbled upon something online and discovered Hunter displays ALL the signs of Hyperlactation. I won’t repeat them since you can see them at the link anyway, but everything clicked for me.

So last night, I started expressing instead and feeding from a bottle, which meant the flow is more controlled and he no longer chokes/gulps. Big thanks to Daphne who gave us a big set of Playtex bottles – they kick ass! We tried Tommee Tippee and Medela and both weren’t up to scratch, but Playtex has been perfect and Hunter really likes them. He seems better now, but I’m giving it a few more days/nights to see if the symptoms go away. I’m totally amazed that around 100-130ml (~4oz) of milk comes out of each breast though.. where does all that milk come from?! It’s quite fascinating to watch, Chris and I were in awe when I first did it :P

This week he’s also developed a much more steady gaze. He will turn his head and look directly in our eyes/faces when we talk to him, and appears to be absorbing what we say. It’s pretty fascinating to watch him develop! Previously, he would look at us, but only for a second before his gaze wanders off. He also responds with coos and little smiles, which we find adorable :)

The last note for the week isn’t Hunter related, but about me :P Just before birth, I was 62KG (!). I managed to lose 13KG in the first 2 weeks after Hunter’s birth – YAAAAAAYYYY!! To be fair, the majority of it was easy and instant because he was such a big baby :P So 9KG was instantly gone the moment he was born, and the remaining 4KG I attribute to breastfeeding exclusively. Now, I have around 3-4KG to go.. but that’s not gonna budge until I exercise, I’m pretty sure.. so I can’t wait to get back moving again!

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