13 Feb

150 Fenyang Lu (汾阳路150号1楼)
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元

Quality Japanese food is not easy to find in Shanghai. It’s not like in Australia or Singapore where you can find it anywhere and everywhere. Here, it’s often sub-par and comes complete with a high price tag. But then we discovered Ambrosia. Situated in the French Concession, the restaurant is housed in a stand-alone gorgeous French villa, split over two floors. The glass windows offer a lovely garden view as you dine, and service is absolutely top-notch. The perfect date place, IMHO.

Their dinner menu is pricey for sure, but their lunchtime sets are much more reasonable (we got the 168元 pp menu), so we headed there on a rainy day to check it out (this was just days before I gave birth btw, just hadn’t gotten round to blogging this until now!).

We are seated around a pristine Teppenyaki table, and have our own chef to whip up our dishes before our eyes, making for an indulgent experience. Each dish is presented artfully decorated, albeit on the small side. The quality? SUPERB. Every ingredient is fresh, tasty, and delicately cooked before us. It’s a pleasure to savor each bite, and they are perfectly happy for us to sit there for hours chatting and enjoying our meal.

A memorable dining experience at a decent (lunchtime) price. We will be back!


Our private chef!

Amuse bouche of poached pear

Pumpkin soup with garlic bread

Sea scallop with stir-fried chopped garlic

Juicy goodness

Side salad and rice

Spicy kimchi


Organic beetroot juice

Sliced beef steak with chopped garlic

Then we adjourned to their side room for dessert and drinks

Sliced fruit and Japanese cheesecake

Iced coffees

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