08 Feb

Hunter at 2 weeks

Week 2 milestones

  1. established nighttime routine
  2. breastfeeds quickly
  3. first cough

I’m thanking God that Hunter quickly fell into a nighttime routine. Though who knows how long that will last since newborns are pretty erratic ;) We give him a top-and-tail bath at around 6PM, then he has a feed, and gets put into his cot and falls asleep. From there, he sleeps until around 7-8AM the next day, waking up at 3 – 4 hour intervals for another feed and diaper change. It means I get good sleeps in between and clock in around 8 hours of sleep each night – HURRAY! It’s why I don’t walk around during the day like a zombie, and am still alert and feel normal *whew*.. Really pray this will last.

He now breastfeeds quickly, which alarmed me at first as he clocks in ~5 mins on either side and that’s it. But I think he’s just learned to be really efficient as he sucks/swallows at an almost constant pace, and is putting on weight plus still peeing/pooping like a trooper.. so I’m pretty sure he’s still getting all the milk he needs. It’s a real blessing too as it means breastfeeding takes me about 15 mins now in total, instead of the 40 mins that he was taking in Week 1.

And… he’s learned to cough! SO SO SO adorable hearing a little baby’s cough :P Mostly he does it when he gulps milk down too quickly, but then he’s fine after a quick pat on the back.

Being burped whilst zonked out on boob milk ;)

Managed to somewhat capture his smile! We couldn’t catch his proper grin or coo though..

Content, on Daddy’s chest, but likely spotted Mum’s boobs ;)

A lovely French Toast breakfast, cooked by Mum. Thank God for parents
that handle all our meals… it makes life SO much easier! :)

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