05 Feb

After 5 days in the hospital, it was finally time to go home. It was a bit of an epic trip, so thank goodness Mum and Dad were around to run about and help out! Mostly because it was ~cold~ outside, since we’re in wintertime here in Shanghai. And though we got the driver to bring the car riiiight up to the entrance of the hospital, we took no chances and rugged ‘lil Hunter up to the eyeballs, hehe. He looked like a cute snowbunny! He could barely move, but was all content and didn’t flinch when we brought him outside. What a lil trooper ;)

Rugged up to the eyeballs, about to brave 2 celcius weather from hospital to car


Snug as a bug

Baby hiccups are the cutest!

We also did our first bath the other day. It wasn’t as crazy as we’d imagined, and Hunter was relatively calm throughout, albeit a little bewildered. Freshly-bathed baby smell? Ohhh sooooo intoxicating! I think there’s something about boob milk that makes babies smell so divine, I could gobble him all up :P

Hunter getting a baby massage from Chris

Ta daaaaa! Fresh as a daisy!

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