03 Feb

Happy Chinese New Year 2011!!

Our little hongbao baby

Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful Chinese New Year! The fireworks went off last night directly outside our window – egads! Hunter slept soundly through it all.. but can’t say the same for myself ;) I like the pic above ‘cos that “Super Cute” onesie is too adorable for words, it even has a little silky green cape attached to it, hehe.

To celebrate, Chris and I took a lil stroll down the road and had a lunch date, our first since the arrival of Hunter. Mum and Dad were nice enough to stay at home and babysit so we could have some adult-time to ourselves. It was just what we needed, and so nice to spend some time alone with each other just chatting.. though the conversation kept straying back to our baby, and by the end of lunch we were declaring that we missed him too much and rushed back home to see him :P

About to venture out on my first trip outdoors!

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