03 Feb

Video of me in labour, at 9cm dilation (ie. 90% of the way to birth!).
I was drug-free, but kept falling asleep during labour & pushing ‘cos was sooo tired!

My recovery from my Cesarean was….. painful. I won’t mince my words – it was friggin’ awful being gutted like a fish. You can imagine how I felt afterwards!!

I was adamant to recover prescription-drug free after the surgery. Which meant the pain was a lot greater, but ensured I was alert and aware, and nothing would be transfered to Hunter via my breastmilk. Because I was so disappointed with having to undergo surgery (NOT part of my birth plan!), I was deadset hell-bent to make sure I had the fastest recovery possible. I did pop some Ibuprofen in the first 2 days, but then stopped and just pushed through.

The problem was that I had all the post-pains from labour/pushing… AND the Cesarean! Usually you just have to grit your teeth through one or the other, but I had both :( I guess you could call it every pregnant woman’s fear :P

The first 4 days were the worst. I could barely move, but forced myself to pace the hallways ‘cos I know the best thing after surgery is being active. But now, a week later, the rewards have come through – I feel really GOOD!! I’m proud to have pushed my way through the pain, and happy that my recovery was swift and I feel pretty much normal now – I can carry Hunter and walk around, and basically feel like a normal human being again :)

I’m still angry with myself I had to have a Cesarean, but I tell myself God made it that way, and I feel blessed to have had a chance to go through the full labour experience (essential in getting all those hormones running through the system) also drug-free and overall a very good experience. Hunter came out perfectly healthy and robust, and that’s what matters, right?

Anyway, some random photos taken whilst we were still in the hospital!

Chris just about to make a diaper change

Father and son

Another family pic

3 generations :)

‘lil sleepyhead

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