01 Feb

RIP Misty (31 January 2011)

Our lil girl had been on-off for the past few months, but managed to pull through each time. But yesterday, she was extremely lethargic, couldn’t move, and had difficulty breathing. Not a “I’m sick” disposition, but a “I’m just too old” disposition. My heart sank, because I was pretty sure she wasn’t curable.

Anyhow, Chris booked an appointment with the vet at 4:30PM. Before that, he took Misty out for a cuddle, and she snuggled up in his arms and fell asleep…… and never woke up.

It’s a HUGE blow and I miss her, though it does help that I’m so flat-out with Hunter that I don’t have much time to dwell on it – which is probably a good thing for my health. I just tell myself that she was very very old, and had a very comfortable life being so well-loved. Plus, having her pass away in Chris’ arms is the best way she could’ve left us.

RIP Misty. You were my darling little girl.

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