19 Jan

Hello world.


Today is the 19th of January and technically my “due date”. And whilst I know that 50% of women pop before and 50% after their due date, I was convinced I’d be in the former group…. so only God knows why I’m still preggers!

In an effort to send him an *ahem* eviction notice, I hit the gym 3x a week and do yoga 2x a day. In the past few days, I’ve stopped doing that since Mum and Dad are here, but instead replaced it with whole-day-long shopping sessions which involve walking a whole ton. But still no luck!!! He is snugly burrowed in me and loves to kick and move constantly, but not keen to move out. Gah.

So what do I look like at Due Date? Kinda freakish, that’s what :P Like I’m about to topple over at any moment. Enough to make people actually shriek (not exaggerating here!) when I turn around and they spot my belly! If you’re an attention seeker, I totally recommend wandering around town pregnant.. especially in China. People totally STARE in curiosity and amazement!

But anyway, here I am, sporting my jaw-dropping, unbelievable, 40″ waist circumference!:

At home, comparing bellies ;)

All rugged up

It’s cooooold in Shanghai, eek!

Shoplifting a watermelon

Lilypie Maternity tickers

OK come on out now ‘lil one. IT’S TIME!

Please send me all your happy-labour-dust thoughts :P

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