2010: A RECAP

31 Dec

I thought 2009 was an epic year for us, considering it was the year we moved to Shanghai AND the year we got married. But 2010 has been quite the biggie for us too ;)

If you’d told me, this time last year, that I’d be just about to give birth soon…. I’d probably have laughed in your face! It was nowhere on my radar and I hadn’t even considered getting pregnant back then. Oh how things have changed, *lol*. Amazing how much I’ve grown too – a year ago I felt like a kid and most definitely did not feel maternal.. and yet now, I feel prepared to be a mother and very eager to have our own little family.

Hilariously, my goal for 2010 was “to travel every month”. We wanted to make sure we got all our holidaying in this year, but were…. errrmmm… cut short when I fell pregnant shortly into the year, heh. But we still managed:

January – Australia
February – Harbin, Japan
March – Sanya
April – Hong Kong
May – Huashan Mountain, USA
June – Tantou Island
July – (none)
August – France, Spain, Russia
September – (none)
October – (none)
November – Singapore
December – (none)

I’m glad we still got in a few trips, because I know things were drastically change in 2011 when we become a family of 3 :)

So, what else happened in 2010?

January – celebrated Dad’s 60th birthday at Tetsuya’s in Australia, and also attended my dear friend’s wedding!
February – between our Harbin and Japan trips, our month was pretty much filled up
March – started doing pole dancing classes, which I adored but then had to give up just a few months later ‘cos I got pregnant.
April – bought my adored Balenciaga black bag from Hong Kong boutique, which I still use and love. Also became totally Shanghainese and got ourselves an electric bike
May – visited one of my favourite places in the USA, Kirk’s Steakburgers!
June – was in an interview about expats in That’s Shanghai magazine
July – detailed my online history/life and did an open Q&A time for everyone to ask me whatever they want!
Augustannounced my pregnancy in an epic post, and celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary with a big Eurotrip around France, Spain, and Russia!
September – announced we are having a baby boy! Also finally got to start wearing my wonderful ‘push present’ from Chris
Octoberappeared on TV on a program about Singlish. Entered my 3rd trimester and celebrated my birthday at HoF with dear friends as well as a decadent brunch at the Ritz Carlton with Chris.
November – went to Singapore for our babymoon!
December – bought our much-lusted-over Bugaboo Bee 2010+ and celebrated a quiet Christmas in Shanghai. Wrote a long rambling entry about ‘pregnancy reflections’

2011 is going to be one helluva EPIC year for us… starting in January when I’ll give birth (anytime now!!!). We’ll instantly morph from DINKs (Double Income No Kids) gallivanting all around Shanghai and livin’ it up, to…. *dun dun dun*….. PARENTS. It’s a surreal thought that this time next year, we’ll have an almost 1 year old – so exciting! So I suppose 2011 will be a year when we have to mature up quick-smart and pronto ;) It’ll be a rollercoaster ride!

And so I leave you with my favourite quote of 2010:

“You can stand tall without standing on someone.
You can be a victor without having victims.
Be gracious, always.”

A wonderful New Year to all of you, with much love!

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