24 Dec

“Be glad and rejoice with all your heart”, Zephaniah 3:14
Warmest wishes and Christmas blessings to you!

We’re spending Christmas here in Shanghai since no airline would let me onboard, and I don’t want to anyway since I am medically cleared to pop “any moment” between now and end of January. I am rather massive and waddling all over the place, so Christmas will be a very chill celebration with just Church in the morning and then a lazy brunch with some friends afterwards. And that’s just perfect for me :)

We didn’t bother with a Christmas tree this year, but Chris did buy this adorable table centerpiece, which is made of real leaves, so we’re quite impressed it’s lasted for the past 2 weeks and still going strong! Tonight, for Christmas eve, Chris will be cooking us a delicious dinner of Roasted salmon, mashed potato and salad and then we are popping in a cheese Christmas DVD and having a cozy evening on the couch.

Best of all, it’s likely to snow today and tomorrow….. our very first white Christmas together! And that’s a pretty big deal, considering we’ve been together for 10 years..

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, where ever you are in the world!


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