22 Dec

I.. erm… caved and bought a wee little hand bag. I forgot the name, so let’s just call it the Loewe napa leather mini bag! It’s this ridiculously soft soft soft leather that is soooo supple and squooshy and smooshy. Ahhhhh… It’s actually the same napa leather as the Loewe leather tote I bought whilst in Barcelona, but just in a mini bag size. I like the simpleness of a plain black bag, and the mini size makes it excellent for when I’m just popping out and not in need of a big bag to stuff all my things into.

I’m also a big fan of the subtle Loewe logo, which is relatively unknown on the streets and embossed into the leather, so it’s not obvious to people. It’s quite the classic little bag that’s versatile enough to go casual or dressed up for a party (like when I carried it to the Brawl on the Bund function the other day)!

Loewe make really really gorgeous, supple leather bags. I’m surprised they’re not more popular!

Loewe… brings back memories of our time in Barcelona a few months ago :)

Little squooshy lambskin bag!

Slouchy goodness. I also like the super-subtle Loewe logo :)

My foodie Juicy Couture charms, teehee

Fits in my essentials with lots of room to spare.

Chic little brass plate, I love this!

Pic of me carrying it (35 weeks pregnant here!)

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