17 Dec

For sale: Hermes Hapi MM bracelet ***SOLD***

This gorgeous Hermes Hapi MM bracelet comes in Hermes’ iconic potiron/orange color – what an awesome way to own a little piece of classic Hermes, at the most affordable price! It’s also discontinued now and is very rare.

Made with chamonix leather and palladium hardware, this bracelet is pure quality. The Hapi MM closure is the more oval “Farandole” buckle instead of the rectangular “H” buckle of the Hapi 3 MM bracelet. Versatile and simple enough to wear every day, yet makes quite the Hermes statement because of the colour.

It can be worn as a bracelet, or as a necklace/choker!

The bracelet/necklace is in mint/new condition, with the regular dent in the leather near the hole where it clasps shut. This is not due to wear, but just that the bracelet has been clasped shut like this sitting in its box :)

The total length is 68 cm (26¾ inches), and it is worn wrapped around your wrist to fit. A beautiful, classic piece from Hermes!

Retail: This is now discontinued but retail of the Hapi 3MM bracelet is US$270.

Price: US$150 (includes FREE airmail shipping, no extra fees for PayPal)

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