16 Dec

After the excitement of yesterday’s snow, we woke up to absolutely frigid temperatures today. The snow hadn’t melted overnight, but it’s this glorious soft powder-snow that’s dry. So I’m thankful it’s not that gross and grey slushy kind when it’s all half-melted! It’s actually really pretty to look at, and fascinates me to no end. I know it’s totally dull and uneventful for anyone that experiences snow every year, but hey, we come from a very temperate climate so we NEVER see snow! Thus why the novelty still hasn’t worn off and I’m so delighted with it :P

The compound where I live, with snow-capped rocks

2″ of powder-soft snow covering the grass

What’s a ‘lil ferret to do in this sort of weather? Snuggle up on the couch :)

Star, totally zonked out.

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