14 Dec

This is what our baby looks like inside me at the moment!

We had our prenatal class which was super informative and actually really interesting. I really liked hearing all the advice, tips and hints from a medical point of view. It gives me huge relief and satisfaction in knowing what’s going to happen to my body, and what I should/shouldn’t be doing. We went through all the aspects of labour and safe to say, it’s no walk in the park ;)

Am I scared of labour and giving birth? Nup. I don’t dread or fear it…. I actually quite look forward to it, because I know we’ll get one freakin’ awesome reward at the end :P To me, it’s totally worth it! I don’t see any point in being worried or scared about the pain – after all, it will be painful! But billions of women have gone through it and come out the other end, so I’m not too fussed. Just wanna see him and hold him in our arms :)

Anyway, I thought the photo above is hilarious because it shows what he looks like in me right now… crazy thinking a fully formed human of that size is squished up in my belly, eh?!?! It’s no wonder my entire belly wobbles alarmingly and goes in all sorts of wild directions whenever he moves. We have the most active baby of the group though, which is probably not a great achievement haha. For the entire class, my belly was wobbling everywhere and could be seen across the table, because he just would NOT sleep! In fact, he’s been perpetually awake for the past 2-3 days (and only sleeping at night when I’m sleeping).. otherwise he spends every waking moment (of mine) doing furious kicks and twists. His knees are very hard now and extremely strong so it really hurts.. *ouch*….!

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