13 Dec

(pic from SmartShanghai)

And so Brawl on the Bund rocked round again over the weekend. In June, we attended as well and had a lovely time, and so decided to go again. Also, my Aussie girl friend was competing as one of the boxers! Impressive, huh? Boxing IS super fun though, I adored boxing class earlier this year before I got pregnant.. though I’m not sure I’d get up and fight in front of hundreds of people ;)

Because NONE of my nice evening dresses fit me….. I ended up wearing pajamas. Yeah, no joke. I wore my soft nightgown from Peter Alexander! It’s very very soft, super stretchy, and I figured China people walk around in their flannel pajamas all the time, so it seemed only apt I wear my pjs too ;)

Chris and I (at 8.5 months pregnant)

In comparison, this was at the previous event when I was 2 months pregnant.
OMG THE ENVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous lobby at the Hyatt hotel

Cute cocktails, of which I couldn’t have any :(

Me and the girls :)

The ballroom was converted for the event and all decked out for the diners. We had great seats right next to the ring – woohoo! My only complaint (and this is true with a lot of banquet dinners) is that there were no canapes or nibbles…. except for the bread basket. So I ended up eating 3 bread rolls to stave off starvation. D’oh.

The boxing was very fun though – crazy and exciting to watch. It’s amazing how these guys have just 3 months to train, because they’re excellent! Though I think their body fat must be around the 3% mark which is a bit scary.. and for that reason alone, I don’t think I’d ever do it :P

Pretty table setting

Hungrily awaiting our food………..

Awesome singer (he’s from Brown Sugar club)

The girls boxing! My girl friend won :D

The food was…. alright. Nice but nothing mind-blowing. To give Hyatt credit, it’s hard coughing up nice food for such a large crowd, so I think they did pretty well, especially helped along by the great (and super attentive) service.

Chicken ballotine, mixed herbs, new potato, chive mayonnaise

Tian of grilled vegetables, green beans, baby carrots, french vinaigrette

Pumpkin soup with coconut milk, and lemon grass

Wild mushroom risotto with black truffle

Beef tenderloin in puff pastry, semolina cake, green beans wrapped in pancetta, red wine jus

Floating island, red fruit jelly, florentine

This is our very last formal shin ding before we become 3, so we’ll definitely remember it!

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