06 Dec

Chris merrily assembling our new Bugaboo Bee+ Plus 2010… it arrived today. Hooray!!
It was Chris’ top pick out of the billion strollers we checked out; he has good taste :)

I never knew that selecting your baby stroller is like choosing a car ;) So many specs to consider! Our main criteria was:

1) light-weight and easy to set up/collapse – a no brainer, just in case I’m by myself and use it whilst holding our baby in one arm. Plus, we didn’t like the really bulky types that wouldn’t fit easily in the car

2) good suspension – so the poor baby doesn’t get jolted all round like they’re on a rollercoaster

3) full recline, and backwards-facing – this is so a newborn can use it too, and backwards facing so we get more face-time with him especially when he’s younger.

4) looks good – it’s sleek, the yellow is adorable, and it pushes like a charm.

It was the Bugaboo Bee Plus 2010 that ticked off all our boxes :) We were also eyeing the Stokke, which I specifically liked as the baby would be high up – but decided against it because I heard from friends it wasn’t very practical as it was really heavy/unwieldy to use, and a toddler couldn’t climb in/out of the seat by himself, and would cause back-strain since you have to keep lifting him in/out.

The only downside of our Bugaboo stroller was that it’s almost DOUBLE(!!!!) the retail price in the USA. Ugh! Because it’s an import and shipped into China, buying it here makes it exorbitantly expensive :( But we had no choice as it’s not very polite to ask a friend going to the USA to bring it back for us, so we just bit the bullet and got it here.


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