29 Nov

My domestic goddess of a girl friend had a house party at her place last weekend, fitting in around 12 people! I would like to do the same, except our place with explode with that many people in there ;) Dinner was absolutely fantastic Mexican food, which I really think is right up there as my #1 favourite Western food (alongside French cuisine. Yes, both are vastly different but I love both!). I especially love the DIY kind, which was what she had.. because you’re given free reign to squash in as much meat, and dollop on as much sour cream and guacamole as you want. Ahhh…. simple pleasures.

Cuddled up on the couch. Me & belly at 32 (and a bit) weeks!

Chips with homemade guacamole…. *slurps*

Smoked salmon with homemade hummus on crackers, yum!

The boys mingling

Relaxing over a few drinks

The Mexican food station….. oohlala!

Homemade Mexican rice. This was super duper good combined with……….

Homemade chilli! Awesome comfort food, and not very spicy so I could have some.

I’m especially fond of house dinner parties now that I’m pregnant. Reason being they make my life a LOT easier/better. When we go out to a restaurant, we have to worry about stuff like: Is the food clean? and the more important, Are people smoking? because sadly, China is not like Australia or Singapore where smoking is banned indoors. Here, people light up even in the tiniest of spaces, and don’t care (probably often they don’t even realise) if there’s a pregnant woman in the room. I react badly to smoke and it makes me feel really ill, so this is my biggest annoyance about going out – and being pregnant makes it even worse.

The boys spent the night playing poker

Whilst the girls spent it gossiping ;)

My coffee in an Hermes teacup… which we found the same pattern of in the Hermes scarf book, LOL!

Very fancy looking Chinese tea

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