28 Nov

I took a tumble today :(

It was when we were out shopping after lunch (OK fine, I didn’t look nearly as glamorous as the cartoon above, but oh well!). The Tods boutique in Plaza66 is a bit of a death trap. OK, not really, for normal human beings. See, the entrance has a bit of a slope but it’s not very steep and only a short one, so regular people would stumble a little at the most if they don’t notice it (hard to as the floor’s all the same colour and polished with no markings indicating there’s a slope).

But, me now being pregnant, where I normally would’ve just stumbled, I ended up flying and falling heavily (well, I AM 12kg heavier now!) onto the ground. UGH!!

The 4 salesgirls screamed behind me and were all frozen to the spot, and the salesguy at the door near me crouched down beside me to ask if I was OK but was too scared to touch me or help me back up. And the shopping centre’s security guard came running over and just stared at me in shock, as did around 5-6 other shoppers. Everyone was just gasping and staring at me with a wide-eyed look of horror……. but no one helped me! I don’t blame them, they were all too scared to move and didn’t really know what to do… I guess people freak out when they see a heavily pregnant woman fall flat on the ground.

I was in shock and pain for about 2 mins so I couldn’t move, and was frantically trying to figure out where the pain was coming from. It was mostly in my left ankle (twisted it badly so it’s really sore now) so it took me a few mins before I had to heave myself off the floor, in a most un-ladylike fashion.

Walked over to Chris (he was only just round the corner waiting for me but didn’t hear/notice the commotion) who promptly brought me home and sat me on the couch, and I had a nap for around 1.5 hours. Now, feeling OK (except for a sore ankle) and baby boy is still kicking inside me with fervor so I suppose all is fine!

Anyway – this is just to remind my pregnant girl friends to please be careful!!! I am pretty careful and very nervous going up/down stairs since I’m unstable now, and when Chris is around he’s practically carrying me whenever we’re outdoors…. yet this still happened to me. I had good flat shoes on, but a combination of me not seeing the small slope and the polished floor has enough effect to make me take a rough tumble. So, be careful!!

In other news, had our 3rd Trimester ultrasound today which went swimmingly. He is measuring at 33.5 weeks and is “fully engaged”/dropped. Surprising, as usually babies don’t drop until around 2 weeks before their due date, but it’s not a problem (and probably good news as he will stay in this position for the duration of the pregnancy, woohoo).

Only problem? My cervix is thinning. Errrrrr… a little TMI but oh well, when you’re pregnant, there’s no such thing as TMI, so I’m told ;) It was 4cm last appointment (normal) and reduced to 2.8cm this appointment (still ok but a big decrease). If it reduces to 1cm then it’s danger-zone. The cause may be due to my unusually high level of activity (for a pregnant woman). So under doctor’s orders, I have to “take it easy”, walk less, and………. cut down/stop going to the gym.


Awful news. The movement, walking, exercise, etc is what makes me feel awesome throughout the pregnancy, and what puts him to sleep (otherwise he kicks me so much my insides hurt). Without it I won’t really know what to do with myself, and will likely jump out of my own skin, plus probably have all those yuck pregnancy symptoms, which I’ve managed to sneakily avoid so far, come at me with a vengeance :(

But I will reduce gym sessions to 2x a week as a compromise.. and will cut out the weight-lifting at the gym entirely as well. Blah. Crap news, but I only have to survive it for 2 weeks until my next appointment.. and if all is OK then, doctor said I can go back to my usual levels of activity *whew*!

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