19 Nov

The great thing about our Singapore holiday was that we got everything we need for our impending Baby-dom. Thank goodness for Singapore! Cheaper prices than in China and more access to quality brands. We’re basically not buying anything from China because products get recalled all the time and often have high levels of lead/toxins/etc as well as just being dodgily-made in general (for the local stuff). Our other parent-friends have all gone overseas to Singapore or Australia to stock up, so we followed suit!

I didn’t take photos of everything because it’s a bit pointless, and nobody’s interested. Except maybe my soon-to-be-mommy friends :P So if you are, you can drop me a line to discuss baby stuff buying escapades together!

We got some super cute stuff online though :P But we’re no longer buying anything else since we’re pretty much set now. We don’t have a nursery, sadly, because we’ve just got a 2-bedroom apartment and both sets of parents will be here for 1 month each, which means they’ll be sleeping in the spare bedroom. So we’ll put the cot in our bedroom instead and then convert the spare bedroom into the nursery after both our parents have flown back home. It’s going to be madness with so many people squished into one small apartment (with one being a screaming baby)… so early-2011 is going to be a very interesting time indeed ;)


Drooly bib

Fisher Price newborn-to-toddler rocker

Star Trek onesie from ThinkGeek

Nomnomnom bib from ThinkGeek

Kangaroo costume!!! To be worn when we bring him on his first trip to Australia :)

Aaannnddd.. a big lot of adorable baby clothes from Chris’ mum! :)

Lilypie Maternity tickers

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