16 Nov

Had lunch with the lovely whilst I was in Singapore. She is (yet another!) fellow pregnant soon-to-be mama, because for some reason, a HUGE number of women are! I know around 20 pregnant women right now, which is quite extraordinary and humbling, because it makes you realise you’re not the only one… an important thing for pregnant women to realise IMHO because we easily fall into the “it’s all about me me me” trap.

We had a freakin’ delicious lunch at Hock Lam Beef Noodles. At least I think that was the name.. that famous beef noodles store opposite China Square Central… help?? Anyway, whatever the case, my interest was piqued when I was driving past in a taxi to meet her, and so I promptly suggested that for lunch :P

Being really crowded (be prepared to queue) and most definitely classified as casual dining, I was surprised at how super-sweet the service was! Specifically an older gentleman that noticed we were pregnant and found us a table, insisting we sit down and order at the table instead of joining the queue. But I was stubborn and wanted to be in the queue (they cook right there, so I wanted to be where the action was!). The people cooking were really really accommodating. When I forgot and asked for “no bean sprouts” (hate those bloody things!!!) after he had cooked, he smiled and promptly whipped up another one, with no complaints. For that reason alone I’d go back.

But of course, the food. It was GOOD!!!!!!! I know it’s crazy, but it’s the first time I’ve had beef noodles in Singapore. I know, what rock have I been living under?! I really liked the silken texture of the slippery rice noodles, and the starchy thick gravy it came with – all rich and flavourful. Plus, that bowl of steaming hot beef soup was divine. You can read more about why they’re special HERE. We ordered a Small sized bowl each and I would recommend the Medium size at least, because the Small is more of a snack-size so I had to go eat a curry puff and have a milky drink afterwards to re-fill myself up. Plus, it’s SO yummy that you really want a bigger size to savour it ;)

I’d definitely go back for more next time I’m in Singapore!

Forgot to take a pic in my excitement (oops) so stole one off their site

(Pregnant) ladies who lunch :)



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