15 Nov

size of an eggplant

Week 26 (13 – 19 October):

Hectic week with back-to-back daily dinners-and-drinks with friends. Weather here is perfect so I’m being stubborn and still going out! Only downside is that I’m the only one that can’t drink alcohol.. and being stuck drinking juices etc just isn’t quite the same :X

Also wondering if it’s normal for a baby to be too energetic?? He is unbelievably active in me this week, constantly shifting and moving and kicking away. I’m talking about maybe a few mins of non-activity before he starts again, and so strong that my whole stomach moves. He’ll also streeeeetch himself out so his head sticks right up and my whole belly goes lopsided, and I have to massage and talk to him before he releases. I’m worried, what if he’s crazy newborn when he comes out and super-alert and won’t sleep?!?! Or becomes a crazy toddler running all over the place with endless energy? Where does he get his hyper-ness from?! Eek…

size of an eggplant

Week 27 (20 – 26 October):

Officially in my 3rd TRIMESTER this week!!!! The end is near and I can’t wait. We’re so excited to meet our little boy :)

Despite my regular gym sessions (yes, I’m v proud of this achievement as NEVER in my life have I exercised more regularly!), I’m gaining weight at an alarming rate and I am GIANT sized. Tipping the scales at 55.5KG now – a full 10KG weight gain from my pre-pregnancy self – *ouch*. I feel all funny when I look at myself in a mirror now.. because nothing – clothing or standing in a certain way – makes me look lean and slim anymore. Now I have joined the club of waddling, fat pregnant women! I still feel really good (physically) though, and at least I haven’t bloated up, so I’m trying to focus on the positive and feel better about myself!

size of an eggplant

Week 28 (27 October – 2 November):

My Birthday :) He’s still very active this week, if not more active than before. Quite a set schedule of waking/sleeping hours.. though he’s starting to like to practise his walking movements (5 footsteps forward, 5 footsteps backwards, repeat) in the morning at around 7AM, so I don’t need an alarm clock to wake me up, haha.

The good news is that many people tell me I “don’t look pregnant from behind”, largely because my entire body hasn’t blown/swelled up. The bad news is that my stomach is giant. I’ve had quite a few local Chinese say that I’m quite huge and that it’s obvious I’m “having a boy, with Caucasian genes. LOL. Also, packed on 3KG since my last doctor’s appointment 4 weeks ago so I’ve been advised to take it easy with the food intake… oops. But, we got (another!) ultrasound and it was so lovely seeing him. His head is now “engaged” (ie. he’s upside down and head at my cervix) and all systems are go ;)

size of a pumpkin

Week 29 (3 – 9 November):

HOLIDAY IN SINGAPORE!!! Much needed, since it’s the last time I can get on a plane before I give birth, and we needed to buy all our baby stuff to cart back to China. I was supposed to “SLOW DOWN” and not be so active, but we ended up spending both days of the weekend traipsing all over Singapore with not much of a rest, much to Chris’ dismay. I just wanted to get everything done and didn’t want to dawdle! However, it’s obvious my pregnancy is changing now that I’m well into my 3rd trimester, because I can feel myself heavier and on the 3rd day, my ankles felt a bit tender. So I spent it lounging by the pool and relaxing for half the day and all was ok :)

Chris has been very brilliant, attentive and sweet. I do think that it’s not the fact I have an easy pregnancy.. but the fact that he makes it easy for me. Really appreciate him every single day :)

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