14 Nov

Met up with my lovely girl friend whilst in Singapore and we had a bit of an eating blitz :P She took me to the new Marina Bay Sands and we stuffed ourselves silly at their international buffet. Excellent food, and I even had 3 slices of sashimi for the first time since I’ve been pregnant.. I figured 3 small slices isn’t that bad and it was a very top-notch restaurant with the chef having just sliced it all up – certainly wouldn’t dare to eat sashimi in China! Boy I enjoyed those 3 slices of silken pleasure… mmmm…. I think I will go to a sashimi/Japanese buffet the day after I give birth ;)

The only downside of buffets now is that my appetite is about half of what it used to be!! Very depressing. Plus, I tend to eat quickly, so I end up gasping from breath at the end of the meal when all the food settles into my (downsized) stomach.. and it’s the reason why Chris is banning me from buffets from now on, citing my lack of self control :P I did manage to eat my way around this buffet though, so I’m pleased! The food was awesome :)

We went wandering afterwards around the shops, but since it’s basically all luxury boutiques there, I didn’t buy anything. Oh, except at Sephora where we spent ages and I came away with a bunch of stuff :)

At Rise restaurant in Marina Bay Sands hotel

One of our many plates :P

Some of the desserts… nommity

It was so bright!

Tucking in :)

After a bit of shopping, it was off to Canelé Pâtisserie for… errr… more sweets

Crepe filled with Nutella, salty caramel, caramelized filo, nougatine ice cream and vanilla crème chantilly

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