11 Nov

Whenever we’re in Singapore, Chris and I always try to squeeze in a Cookyn With Mervyn party, uhhh.. I mean, class. Cooking/baking is one of our fave hobbies and it’s a really fun (and delicious) way to spend an afternoon on the weekend. Plus, I love their spacious studio.. though it does bring back fond memories of when they first started out and it was all held in their apartment!

We’d spent the whole morning and afternoon traipsing up-and-down Orchard Road doing our baby shopping, and got a bit lost (was ambitious and caught a train there instead of a taxi) walking to the studio.. so we rocked up late and extremely sweaty, smelly, and exhausted. Oops! I’m still not sure how I managed to do the 3-hour cookyn class after all the mad activity earlier, but I dug deep from my energy reserves and powered through……. and in fact later we went out with my cousins for dinner afterwards. I think I was a bit of a zombie by the end of the night ;)

Anyway, the theme was English Tea Party which was riiiight up our alley! In fact, for the past few weeks we’ve been wanting to make up some scones, but never got round to it, so this was perfect timing :P I really like how the cooking is pretty easy, so it leaves us more time to hang around, chat and eat…. heh!

Doing our own kinda cookyn :P Except mine is real (yes I know, I’m getting really HUGE!)
and is a faker, heh!!

Chef Mervyn doing his thing

Mixing up ingredients for the scones

Freshly baked scones

With freshly-whipped vanilla bean spiked cream (OMG!!!). Like my star-shaped scone? :)

Making the Guinness and Steak PIes

Mine has a *star* on it, teehee

Gorgeous, much?

Tasty goodness

Making the Eggs Benedict with ham and anchovy aioli, all ready to go into the oven

Food porn!

Ingredients for the Strawberry Trifle


Cheers to yummy trifles!

I’m highly amused that Chris and I are on opposite ends, but made the same faces ;)

The awesome chefs *ahem*

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