05 Nov

We’re off to SINGAPORE!!!

It’s going to be our…… Babymoon :D I know, I know, it’s a weird place for a Babymoon. I originally had my heart set on Boracay as I wanted to laze by the beach. But Chris vehemently and promptly vetoed that because he only wants to go for a Babymoon somewhere with top-notch hospital facilities, “just in case anything happens”. Which took Boracay, Bora Bora and Maldives out of the mix.. and basically anywhere near the beach! The single country he only agreed to was Singapore.. which he thinks is a good idea because we can stock up on our baby essentials for a lot cheaper than in China, so it’ll be a productive trip too. I’d have preferred Australia, but the trip’s too far for me (10 hours) :(

Incredibly and hilariously, my parents aren’t going to be in Singapore the entire time we’re there! They’re off skipping around Australia on (yet another) holiday. D’oh!! But at least I’ll have a nice lazy time around Singapore, catching up with relatives and friends, and doing much-needed baby shopping.

Hellloooooo sunny weather, here we come!

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