04 Nov

Yeah, yeah…. I know everyone’s thinking “Why is she getting ANOTHER bag, when she’s busy selling her existing ones?”

After I sold off a bunch of my non/underused handbags and shoes, I… *ahem*.. promptly caved when I saw this ‘lil baby in the shop window. My excuse? It’s different to the other bags I have, and I’m still selling more stuff (have a TON of accessories and jewellery and clothing, which I haven’t gotten round to photographing yet – oops).

I like the Izzue boutiques because the clothing and accessories are really unique, the service is always good, and the quality is awesome. They’re a bit pricey but it’s nice to see an Asian brand doing well (they’re actually part of the I.T luxury stores that are huge across Asia). The stores have a bit of a grungy feel, very urban. Best bit? Their clothes are all “asian fit” so they have slimmer lines for more petite figures.

It was this particular bag that caught my eye though. I actually saw it quite a few months ago, and went back to the store 2-3 times afterwards to stroke it because I liked it so much. Finally decided to get it a few days ago as a little treat :) IT IS SOOOOOOOOO SOFT!!!!! Made of ultra-soft and slouchy suede leather, it’s a smooshy sack of a bag. Totally unstructured and slouches like crazy – exactly how I love my bags. It smells awesome too :)~ I like how the strap is long so it can go across my body, or I put a knot in it and use it as a shorter shoulder bag.

I’m also a fan of all the hardware. There’s a giant cast iron (?) keychain with keys dangling from it, plus straps of leather like my Balenciaga bags. It means I can fiddle away to my heart’s content, a weird habit I have ;)

In the photos below it was brand new so it looks a bit more structured. But now, just a few days later, the leather is really really really soft to the touch, especially ‘cos the bag is unlined. It’s a small pouch of a bag but surprisingly expands quite a bit so it fits in my stuff. Though it does force me not to lug around all my giant things and weigh down my shoulder, so that’s a good thing ;)

Izzue suede bag

Ridiculously soft and slouchy!!

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