01 Nov

My birthday dinner this year was at my all-time favourite dessert cafe and bar, HoF. No clubbing/partying this year, for obvious reasons! Chris was wonderful and arranged a chill evening with around 18 of my favourite people in Shanghai :)

To thank everyone for coming, I decided to bake some Melting Moments, packed into little party favour boxes that I bought online and are soooooo cute!! It took us around 2 hours to bake everything up because we had to make a double-batch of 100 cookies, and we were so exhausted by the end of it, LOL. But it was all perfect timing because it meant we could bring fresh cookies for everyone – literally straight from the oven :) It’s kinda nice giving out a wee homemade gift on your birthday, instead of just collecting birthday gifts, no?

Freshly baked Melting Moments

Little party favour boxes that I put the cookies into!

Brian (the owner of HoF) and his staff were fantastic the whole night – bringing out the food so quickly and filling us up to the brim! The thing that always surprises people about HoF is that they do fantastic food, not just desserts/drinks. It’s why we picked it for my birthday celebration – we could have good food, good desserts, and good drinks – the holy trinity of gastronomy ;) I only wish that they had a big private room, because we were in the main area which is too small to accommodate all 18 people on one table, so we had to split into 3 separate tables, which also meant I couldn’t spend a lot of time with everyone that came.

Had a wonderful evening though.. lots of great food, and celebrating with friends :) I think we should all get together like this once a month, hehe, it was so much fun. HoF is a great place for a dinner party because they’ve got a great atmosphere/vibe, yet have top notch food and drinks.

Big THANKS to HoF for helping host my birthday party, and also to Chris who tirelessly organised it all perfectly!! I loved it!

Garlic bread and Tapenade & Parmesan toast

Salmon Rillettes… that HoF specially brought over from their Pudong branch,
by Chris special request. Thank you so much, I loved it!!

Close up of the creamy goodness

My iced chocolate, served to me upon arrival upon request of Shau Ru :P

My croque madame…. *drools*

With my girl friends!

At one of the tables

Everyone chilling out

Boy I am in a VERY awkward pose here!

Us girls :)

Candid shot of me squealing in delight at the shot of my birthday cake…

It’s the HoF famous Chocolate Orange Cake with caramel and sea salt…
my favourite choc cake in the world!!!

Look a little possessed here *ahem*.. I’m delighted by a special birthday platter from HoF

Oh man the desserts were good, esp the little biscuit cup with vanilla bean ice cream.
HoF NEEEDS to put this on their menu, it was outstanding!!!

With my pretty flowers

On our coffee table. They smell INCREDIBLE!

Super adorable “chocolate” bag, a present from HoF :) What a nice momento!

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