31 Oct

“It’s my BIRTHDAY and I’ll be a……………. gamer nerd if I want to!”

One year older, none the wiser. Just kidding! Hopefully a wee bit wiser. First birthday celebrated whilst pregnant, which is all quite novel to me :P I’m glad I’m feeling OK still (starting to feel a bit heavier due to giant belly, but not yet at the end where I’m just too big to move), so I can enjoy and celebrate my birthday in full :) Fortunately this year, it falls on a weekend…. which means that I get a… birthday weekend celebration! *does the happy chicken dance*

More about that later. For now, it’s Chris’ present, which I requested a month ago when he was on a business trip (so he could get duty free prices). The NINTENDO DSI!!!!

Been considering it for awhile as I wanted a gaming console, and was tossing up between PSP or the Nintendo DSi. The latter is way more suited for me. The PSP is good and excellent for the hardcore gamer, but the DSi is a lot more versatile, has cuter and more varied games. I *adore* it. On the downside, we are fully obsessed with it now. Yes, Chris is too.. so it’s like a birthday present to both of us ;)

He is obsessed with Pokemon Diamond, and I am unhealthily obsessed with Dragon Quest IX. OMG THE GAME IS SO GOOD I COULD SCREAM!!!! I’ve clocked up so many hours of gameplay already, and if you ever wanna find me, just look for the girl with her nose buried in her Nintendo DSi ;) I also love the Zelda games on it ‘cos I can *swoosh* my sword at enemies by swiping the touch screen with my pen – cripes it’s so much fun!!!!

I’ve also decided that it’s a great ‘investment’ for when I’m in labour… since that goes on for hours and sometimes days, it’ll keep me occupied :P Plus, when I’m breastfeeding later, I can play it to keep myself occupied too, hehe.

Most awesome birthday present. Thank you honey!

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