27 Oct

28 weeks today! Having a very nice 3rd Trimester so far.. We’re on the final leg, guys :D

Sadly though, as you can see in the chart above, I am on the high end of weight-gain.. no other nice way to put it :( I officially hit my “I’ve gained 10KG” mark this week :(

I know more than a handful of women that are boasting mere 1-3KG weight gains so far (and they’re nearly as far along pregnant as I am). So it’s pretty damn evident to me that I am NOT one of those lucky slim women that look all petite and thin during their pregnancy… and instead am blowing up like a blimp. It’s frustrating, but nothing I can do about it and at least I’m comforted by the thought that the baby is healthy and doing really well. And fortunately, Chris doesn’t declare that I’m really fat and instead says he’s pleased I’m putting on weight to cook his bun in the oven :P Whew!

I completely and totally attribute a smooth pregnancy with no symptoms (umm.. so far anyway) to EXERCISE. I know it’s a bit strange hearing me (of all people!) advocating exercise.. but I totally swear by it now. Every since the 1st day we discovered I was pregnant, I’ve been hitting the gym 3 times a week, every single week, without fail. I crave exercise. I NEED it. It makes me feel sooooo good, and is one guaranteed thing to put our ‘lil baby to sleep (he zonks off with all the lulling movement, I think). Plus, it many respects, it makes me feel less guilty and horrified about my ballooning belly. I may be on the very high end of weight gain, but at least I know I’m still HEALTHY because I’m doing so much exercise.

I know Chinese people actually discourage exercise and being active, but medically it’s the BEST thing to do! Healthier mother, healthier baby. Better recovery time, and all round good for your body. And I strongly believe that it’s because of the huge amount of activity + exercise that I’ve had whilst pregnant that has translated to NO nausea, NO leg/muscle/back aches, NO headaches, NO swelling, NO indigestion, NO… everything, basically. And so, to all my lovely pregnant or soon-to-be-pregnant girl friends out there, I totally recommend exercising your heart out when you’re pregnant – it feels GREAT!!! And since I now know almost 25 women that are pregnant (whoaaaaa…), here’s wishing a healthy and smooth pregnancy ahead to all :)

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